Published Games

Hydorah cover
Hydorah is a game designed for classic shoot em up players, who still love clean designs and challenging adventures.
L'Abbaye des Morts cover
An obsolete videogame for a dark passage of history.
8bit Killer cover
8bit killer is a first person shooter styled to resemble a NES game in look and feel.
Viriax cover
Viriax is a medical terror arcade game, with changing levels especially designed for short and intense plays.
They came from Verminest cover
A ferocious insect army from planet Verminest is spreading through the space. Defend your planet and fight back them until you finally reach the nest of Queen Verminia.
Maldita Castilla cover
The lament of a young witch has been turned into a key for demons. Guide Don Ramiro through the cursed lands of Tolomera and expel the evil that entered the Kingdom of Castile.
Gaurodan cover
Fly around the Canary Islands as Gaurodan, and destroy cities, armies and colossal creatures in your path throught this frantic shmup


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