Torus Trooper cover
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Torus Trooper

Run at high speed in a virtual circuit in this fast speed shooting game.
Launched: November 19, 2010
  • Windows
Developer:ABA Games
Players: Single-player
  • English




How to play. At the title screen, select a grade(Normal, Hard, Extreme) and a starting level. Press a shot button to start a game. Press an escape key to quit a game. Drive a ship forward and destroy enemies. When time runs out, game is over. Remaining time is displayed at the left up corner. Remaining time varies according to events: -- Ship was destroyed(-15 sec.) You ship is destroyed when it is hit by a bullet. -- Bonus time(+15 sec.) You can earn bonus time when you reach a certain score. The point you have to get is displayed at the right up corner. -- Destroy the boss(+30 or 45 sec.) The boss enemies appear when you destroy or overtake a certain number(displayed at the left down corner) of enemies, and you can earn bonus time by destroying them. - Replay mode At the title screen, press a charge shot key to see a replay of your last game. Press a left/right key to change a view and an up/down key to change displayed/undisplayed of a status display. - Options These options are available:
  • -brightness n Set the brightness of the screen.(n = 0 - 100, default = 100)
  • -luminosity n Set the luminous intensity.(n = 0 - 100, default = 0)
  • -res x y Set ths screen resolution to (x, y).
  • -nosound Stop the sound.
  • -window Launch the game in the window, not use the full-screen.
  • -reverse Reverse a shot key and a charge shot key.
kawa 7 years

System requirements:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / 2000 / XP / 7 (OpenGL)

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