Action Games

Stream cover
Use your power to time travel and finish your mission.
Ninja Senki cover
Kinuhime was killed by a ninja demon. Now, Hayate has become absessed with revenge! But can revenge bring her back?
The Jeluvian Project cover
A top-down squad game delivering a unique mix of action and tactics, with plenty of emphasis on the narrative.
Viriax cover
Viriax is a medical terror arcade game, with changing levels especially designed for short and intense plays.
Climb to the Top of the Castle! cover
A 2D Action/Platformer where you must save the Princess from the evil Warlock and his mechanical army by jumping and slashing your way to the top!
SEAL Team 12 cover
The Guardians Of Devastation (GOD) is set to destroy the world, this evil terrorist organization will stop at nothing. As a member of the elite SEAL Team 12, you must stop them at all cost. Don't let GOD destroy the world!
Guy Vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land cover
A top down view and fast paced action, you must guide Guy through 5 dungeons filled with evil creatures, traps and pop culture references. A challenge to the most skilled players.
Maldita Castilla cover
The lament of a young witch has been turned into a key for demons. Guide Don Ramiro through the cursed lands of Tolomera and expel the evil that entered the Kingdom of Castile.
Gaurodan cover
Fly around the Canary Islands as Gaurodan, and destroy cities, armies and colossal creatures in your path throught this frantic shmup


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