Adventure Games

Alchemia Extended Version cover
Alchemia is a point&click adventure game with brilliant and imaginative puzzles, great illustrations and a wonderfully dreamy and detailed world.
Curse of Slate Rock Manor cover
Explore a haunted manor as you investigate a missing friend, a ghost, and a murder...
Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol cover
Two treasure hungry adventures set out on an epic journey to the heart of Amazonia. Navigate 60 levels of treacherous co-op and online platform puzzles. In the forbidden Temple of the Lost Idol will our heroes find the riches they set out for? Or will they never be heard from again??
Los perdedores: Prólogo (Spanish) cover
Una aventura al viejo estilo que no te dejará indiferente. Juega con Napoleón en el primer paso de su larga aventura. En este primer capítulo deberás guiar a Napoleón en la fuga de su celda.
James Peris No License Nor Control cover
James Peris is a humorous adventure game which will keep you entertained and laughing for over its estimated 30 hours of length.
Guy Vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land cover
A top down view and fast paced action, you must guide Guy through 5 dungeons filled with evil creatures, traps and pop culture references. A challenge to the most skilled players.
Shadow of the Game cover
Shadow of the Game is an interactive visual novel that explores the boundaries between online identities and real-life identities.


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