Puzzle Games

Stream cover
Use your power to time travel and finish your mission.
Alchemia Extended Version cover
Alchemia is a point&click adventure game with brilliant and imaginative puzzles, great illustrations and a wonderfully dreamy and detailed world.
Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol cover
Two treasure hungry adventures set out on an epic journey to the heart of Amazonia. Navigate 60 levels of treacherous co-op and online platform puzzles. In the forbidden Temple of the Lost Idol will our heroes find the riches they set out for? Or will they never be heard from again??
Shadow of the Game cover
Shadow of the Game is an interactive visual novel that explores the boundaries between online identities and real-life identities.
Ocarbot is a puzzle adventure game, with fifty brain-melting levels in over five different zones. It features a brand-new chip tune soundtrack by Pixelh8 and is the second puzzle game from Room 1 Studios.


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